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9th-12th Grades

A course designed to make test prep less stressful and more effective through the use of checklists, guides, and strategies

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6th-12th Grades

A comprehensive guide to all the skills and habits students must build in order to be successful both in school and in life

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7th-10th Grades

A wide-ranging review of the research, writing, and editing processes needed to complete essays and papers with ease

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Since 2009, I have taught Sensa's courses to thousands of students throughout Florida. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve so many families and schools. Now, I look forward to working with you in Sensa's Digital Classroom, our new online platform that will help me connect with you, no matter where you are.

-Mrs. Nicole Grunwald

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Success Story from the Parent of a 6th Grade Student

Today's class had an especially big impact on my daughter. Just wanted you know. The entire week has impacted her but today especially.

She has always struggled with reading comprehension and doesn't "love" to read. From the moment she got in the car today until we got home she was talking about the lessons she learned. She pulled out her notebook and her notes and explained to me everything you covered this week. She told me how she needs to highlight different colors and circle key words. And tips for test taking and the dot system. And much much more.

Between these tips on organization and focusing she has learned this week this class has changed her.  She said she is actually excited to apply the things she has learned next year in middle school. Every day I am more and more impressed.  She asked me today if she can take this class again when she goes into 9th grade. 

THANK YOU for what you do!!! Thank you for making this available to the kids.

"I really enjoyed Sensa's course!"

-Michael 6th grade

"My favorite lesson was on developing my interests. If I think outside of the box and stick with it, my hobbies and activities will help me stand out from the crowd when trying to get into a good college." -Hana 6th Grade

"The Success Skills course really helped my understand how to improve my focus and concentration, especially when I read or take notes." -Eddie 10th Grade

"I wish we had taken this class in middle school." -Timothy 9th Grade